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Nicola Mendelsohn, the guy who heads up Facebook in Europe, recently said that the written word will be dead on Facebook in five years. What will replace it? Video. Everywhere you go, everyone has become their own video producer. SmartPhone Video Production is within the realm of every business owner. Making great marketing videos is super easy nowadays. The great thing about this fantastic medium is that you can do it yourself. In order to make better marketing videos for your business you need to think about these three things.

How do you make better marketing videos?

That’s easy. You do three simple things to get started and learn as you go to get better.

  1. Set goals and do research
  2. Figure out the scope of your project
  3. Get all the resources ready and make movie magic

First – where do you start?

Figure out what you need to accomplish, who the target audience is and come up with at least three objectives that are measurable. Using S.M.A.R.T goals is a great way to set those objectives. Spend time researching your target audience. Where do they shop? Where do they watch? What does it take to keep them watching your videos?

Second, figure out the scope of the project.

Do you have a budget? It doesn’t have to be much. Maybe you need to pay for an actor or a location or buy a drone. You also have to write a script, even if it’s on a napkin. Something that gives you direction is better than nothing. Also, you need to plan the shoot.

Third, gather the necessary tools, apps, people and ideas to produce your video.

Every SmartPhone has a great camera nowadays. Grab your phone, an inexpensive tripod, a decent mic and some other gear and get this thing done.

Seems simple enough, right? It is simple, not easy, but simple. We’d love to help you get a handle on how to make better marketing videos for your organization. Feel free to setup a time to talk with us and we can help you figure this stuff out.

Not Sure You Want To Do It Yourself?

Maybe you don’t have the time to do any video production but still need to create some engaging content. We can help you with that. Get Started now.

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