Olympia Carpet Cleaning website Floors N More

Floors N More Carpet Cleaning

Chet Nelson, owner of Olympia Carpet Cleaning company Floors N More, needed a new website and a way to get more local customers.

Horse Cart Small Animal Hospital

Ben Lathrop, the owner of Horse Cart Small Animal Hospital in Roy, Washington, was looking to boost his company’s image online.

Volt Heat Video Editing

Colby, from Volt Heat, wanted to create a bunch of product videos. His challenge is that he lives in Idaho and we are located in Yelm, WA. Our goal was to figure out the best way to create these videos without spending a ton of cash.

Yelm High School

As part of their career and technical education tract, Yelm High School wanted to come up with a way to inform students, especially those that are graduating, about skilled trade jobs available to them.

Van Dorm Realty

NW Media Company, who works very closely with Van Dorm Realty, wanted to bring a little freshness to Van Dorm's marketing. They were looking for a young couple that could sell Van Dorm's amazing services.

Red Door Interiors

Lara Anderson, the owner of Red Door Interiors in Olympia, Washington, was looking to boost her company's image online. She was in the process of transitioning from a brick-and-mortar retail shop back to 100% client design work.