Horse Cart Small Animal Hospital

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Ben Lathrop, the owner of Horse Cart Small Animal Hospital in Roy, Washington, was looking to boost his company’s image online. He recently took over an established practice and wanted to create an avenue for growth. This meant he needed an entirely new site to attract new clients and highlight his services.


Watershed Creative started working with Horse Cart Small Animal Hospital in 2019. Both companies were introduced to each other through the power of online marketing. We got together over a cup of coffee (we drink lots of that stuff) and discussed the needs of their new site.

Here’s what we came up with:

  • Clean and simple look
  • Lots of white space
  • Quick access to services
  • A simple way for visitors to connect with Ben and his staff

As we built the site we also focussed on local competition and keyword strategy. We took a content-first approach and created locally optimised and keyword targeted website pages and content which would funnel visitors to the correct content on the site.

The website design had the key goal of getting visitors to contact Horse Cart in order to schedule an appointment. We made it easy for people to see what they do and get in touch with them ASAP. Other elements on the page were created to convey Horse Cart’s services effectively.

The website design was simple and clean with a style that compliments Horse Carts brick-and-mortar location.


At the time of this writing, Horse Cart’s new site is up and running and doing its job. Appointments have increased. Clients regularly use the site to reach out to the staff.

We continue to monitor their Search rankings and will update as we see results.

Horse Cart Small Animal Hospital