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Lara Anderson, the owner of Red Door Interiors in Olympia, Washington, was looking to boost her company’s image online. She was in the process of transitioning from a brick-and-mortar retail shop back to 100% client design work. This meant she needed an entirely new site to attract new clients and highlight her services.


Watershed Creative has been working with Red Door Interiors for almost seven years. That doesn’t mean we were any less surprised and excited when they came to us and asked for a new site. We got together over a cup of coffee (we drink lots of that stuff) and discussed the needs of their new site.

Here’s what we came up with:

  • Clean and simple look
  • Lots of white space
  • Quick access to services
  • A simple way for visitors to connect with Lara and get Red Door content

As we built the site we also focussed on local competition and keyword strategy. We took a content-first approach and created locally optimised and keyword targeted website pages and content which would funnel visitors to the correct content on the site.

The website design had the key goal of getting visitors to call Lara in order to hire her for interior decorating services. We made it easy for people to see what she does and get in touch with her ASAP. Other elements on the page were created to convey Red Door’s services effectively.

The website design was simple and clean with a style that compliments Red Door Interiors brand.


A year after the new website launched, the website page views have grown by over 120% and the bounce rate was reduced by 27%.

Red Door Interiors quickly outranked key competitors for local search terms which has resulted in an increased volume of calls from customers.

Along with some solid social media marketing (handled by our daughter, Hannah Arlene), Red Door Interiors has seen a consistent and growing customer base through the calls received via the website ranking highly in Google search.

Here’s what Lara had to say about our work:

Watershed Creative has been a valuable cog in my business’s marketing machine for over 6 years. They beautifully designed Red Door Interiors website for my retail store on budget and on time. When I needed to have my online retail site designed for my RD Shady products, I knew my money and trust was best spent on their talents. They not only offer the technical know how but have great graphic design skills and are savvy about what draws customers to online retail sites. They are masters of making a site easy for users to navigate and complete transactions. I have and I continue to recommend Watershed Creative to my peers who value quality website design, media editing, and search engine optimization.
– Lara Anderson, Red Door Interiors

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