Van Dorm Realty

Video Production That Matters



We all remember the great recession, right? Of course we do. Most of us just want to forget about it. Well, during that time there was a forward thinking realtor ad agency in Thurston County that new they could beat the odds for one of their clients. NW Media Company wanted to increase brand recognition for Van Dorm Realty and they wanted to leverage the power of TV to do that.


Watershed Creative and NW Media Company have worked together for years. We partnered on this project to make something great for Van Dorm. The goal was to produce 6-9 TV commercials telling a different part of Van Dorm’s story. Each commercial would get a ton of air play in order to increase the awareness of this tremendous Thurston County Realtor.

We spent about a month writing scripts. There was a lot of back and forth and plenty of rewrites. Truth is, when we got to production, we still ended up rewriting several of the scripts on the spot (as is so often the case). We found ourselves calling the client several times to make sure they were okay with our rewrites.

Finding the right talent was important. There were three really important factors in deciding who we wanted to hire:

  • They had to be local. We wanted to gain a little extra brand awareness from them being seen around town.
  • They had to be young. We wanted to appeal to all the new, young home buyers coming into the market.
  • They had to be cheap. Okay, maybe cheap is the wrong word. They had to be affordable. Remember, we shot these during that time of which we will not speak of so our talent had to fit a very tight budget.

Nathan and Felicia Hall is who we decided to use. They fit all of our requirements perfectly.


Van Dorm’s brand recognition has gone through the roof. Since these videos were released they’ve had 150% increase in traffic to their website. Not only did they weather the terrible recession storm but they actually grew. It doesn’t get much better than that.