Volt Heat Video Editing

Making simple projects look good



Colby Wright has been working with us for a long time. Over the years we’ve done a number of video projects together. That’s what brought him back this time to talk about doing a series of product videos for his new company, Volt Heat.

Colby lives in a small town in Idaho. It’s not exactly close to our headquarters in Yelm, WA. What he wanted to end up with was about 20 product videos that explain the Volt Heat product line. He didn’t necessarily want us to bring a full crew and all our gear out to him in order to do this. What he really wanted was to film the videos himself and have us edit them together.

That can definitely be a challenge but not impossible.


Our solution for Colby was a little different than what we normally do. We planned a time for Richard to go spend a few days with Colby in order to train him how to film the product videos. That way Colby would have the most basic technical training in order to capture quality video. We would also show him how to setup his camera and audio the right way (for his scenario).

Colby was thinking that he would shoot all of his product videos in his office but once Richard got out to his house ( really, it’s a ranch) he convinced Colby that all the videos had to be shot there. It worked out fantastic.


In the beginning of July, Richard packed his bags, hopped on a plane and went to Idaho. He spent three days there training Colby how to film the product videos. Once he was done he flew home. It was just a matter of time before he would start editing the footage that Colby sent him.

Here’s the results.