Yelm High School

Skilled Trades & Apprentiship Opportunities



As part of the Career & Technical Education tract at Yelm High School, Teri Pablo was tasked with figuring out how to get skilled trades job info into the hands of the students. She had a limited budget and had to make the solution work for YHS and Rainier High School, too. Video production highlighting the available apprenticeship opportunities seemed like a great way to go.


We met Teri for the first time at a Yelm Area Chamber of Commerce meeting. While we were sitting around talking she mentioned her challenge. We setup a meeting immediately to talk about the scope of her project. After about 30 minutes we were able to give her an approximate investment for the project and figure out a timeline.

We decided that filming one of the local union reps, Jason Howard, would be the best way to share information about skilled trades jobs. He was scheduled to give a talk at Yelm High School. That gave us the perfect opportunity to get the footage we needed to make a great video for Yelm and Rainier High School.

One of the best parts of this project was working with students to make this film. Lily Ramon-Keeslar and Levi Delacerda helped shoot video and do some of the editing. Some might think of that as a challenge but we look at it as mentoring the future. It really was a great experience.


We just released the film so it’s a little early to gauge its effectiveness yet. We expect to see great results during the 2018/2019 school year.